When The Veil Is Thin

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The story of Lazarus represents someone who is totally sunk in sin, totally dead spiritually. God tries to lead people who are dying back into His heart. Death is transformed by Christ. Jesus, the Son of God, also himself suffered the death that is part of the human condition. The obedience of Jesus has transformed the curse of death into a blessing.

In death, God calls man to himself. Therefore the Christian can experience a desire for death like St.

The Veil is Thin: How to Communicate with Spirit this Hallowmas Season

I am not dying; I am entering life. At lb, he is a shadow of his former self, staying in bed in a dim room with his eyes closed for 23 hours a day. Perhaps he is giving up on life because he is deaf, almost blind from macular degeneration, and is in pain all over, making even swallowing is difficult. Although he is not fighting to live, he is afraid of death, of the unknown. God mysteriously unites all of us and I know from experience there is neither time nor distance when we live and move and breathe in the Spirit.

Life and death are not as far apart as I had once presumed. Thank you! I needed this today. God bless.

Thank you. This helped me see eye to eye on the subject of ministry for the Dead.

The Veil Between the Worlds is Thin…What Spirit Calls You? - Cynthia Eden

I thank you for your wisdom, and insight on the subject, and opening up your feelings, and emotions on the subject with a personal story as this. I will put the knowledge to good use God willing. Be blessed, and feel at peace over what you have gave me here knowing that all things work to the good of them who love the Lord. Farthing He plainly said he did them no wrong.

On The Thinning of the Veil

Jesus was sent in to the world that the world through him might be saved. Deliverer from evil. In my life there have been struggles. Your words gave me a new sense of hope. Happy Resurrection Sunday and thank you for these powerful words and a peek into your beautiful soul! I too have only this dribble as a response to your uplifting comment. All I can say is- thank you.

Most of us might fear death, but not old people. Good point. I think fear of death can also be the result of not receiving the Love of God. Perhaps her fear was the result of a stern, harsh, even judgmental and condemning attitude towards herself AND others. My husband prayed that the Love of God would pierce through to her heart and she died peacefully while she napped the next day, after breakfast and a cup of tea. I am still reflecting on your deeply personal and moving article Melanie, written when you must be feeling so raw and so sensitive as part of you is preparing to die with your beloved father.

Healthy debate and disagreement have always been part of the Christian tradition that we cherish, but always whilst observing this teaching, symbolised by the Great Mandatum that we have just celebrated this Holy Thursday. I have just completed my book after more than twenty years studying the profound spirituality bequeathed by Jesus himself to the first Christian Church.

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What is clear from my studies is that the early Christians were convinced that God desired to save everyone. He was only excluded by those who refused to receive him. May I assure you that your outstanding blog is not only totally in conformity with that spirituality but it is a timely reminder to us all of what can so easily be forgotten, most especially by those who do not continually go back to immerse themselves in their true and earliest origins that are the foundations of the Christian faith.

As to the comment of Laurence Charles Ringo, I also believe that it was enough for Mrs Melanie Juneau, answering this brutal disciplinary act, to remind us that Jesus has open the salvation on His Cross to one of the burglars crucified alongside with him. David, I thank God for your gift of words as you pull together the historical , liturgical and theological foundations of authentic spirituality in your writing. You provide a firm foundation and explanation for my own experiences of living in Christ.

I was waiting for this kind of comment and considered covering my back by adding another paragraph which addressed your point but decided it was off my main thesis. I believe in 11th hour, death bed conversions. Remember the Gospel parable of the workers in the vineyard? Those who worked all day received the same reward as those who came at the last moment. So I trust and intercede for him and surrender his soul to the Mercy of God. Melanie Juneau, and I do appreciate her clear precisions.

The topic of Ms. Jesus cried confronted with the death of Lazar; sure, it was His private matter, but it was also — very important for us today — His everlasting public testimony. What the what are you talking about, Dr. I need some clarification here; your post made no sense. Try again, please. How I understand Dr.

Your comment Dr. Thank you for it, and for making your very valid point so clearly. Thank you for this moving piece Melanie. Close to your dad within the mystical body and praying with and for him and all those he has loved during his remarkable life.

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Living With Only a Thin Veil Between Earth and Heaven

Learn how your comment data is processed. A Near-Death-Experience Exactly three years ago, I finally became cognizant of how thin the line between life and death really is when I nearly lost one of my daughters as she struggled to give birth. Life is precarious. Life is fragile. Unbeknownst to me, the grace of that last Sacrament was working in my brother-in-law as the priest prayed over him: Go forth, Christian soul, from this world in the name of God the almighty Father, who created you, in the name of Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God, who suffered for you, in the name of the Holy Spirit, who was poured out upon you.

Since he was unconscious and he could not interact in the normal manner, I decided to pray right into his inner spirit: Mark, I call your spirit to attention and invite you to turn to your Heavenly Father because He created you, called you by name, and now welcomes you home again with outstretched arms. The Other Side of the Veil Death itself is final in that the soul has left the body, not to rejoin it until the Second Coming.

The Fear of Death Death is usually avoided in our modern society. I feel so alive and ready to embark on adventures my heart takes me on. I celebrate this time of year by going on adventures and getting in touch with my inner fire. What are my passions and how can I pursue them? I also celebrate Beltane with a great rite ritual and perform Firey forms of magick. I will try to Astral Project on Beltane and Samhain this year.

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I have never tried that before and now seems like the perfect time! I practice divination, Spellcasting, and connecting with my guardians normally during this time. I do celebrate the Sabbats! The reason why I celebrate them is because I resonate with these celebrations on a soul level. Many sabbats are from Celtic origin and a majority of my heritage is Celtic so it helps me connect with my ancestors.


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Yes I believe that the vail is very much a reality of are world. I also believe that we can peirce the vail during serten times of the year.