Was darf die Satire? (German Edition)

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What he's really doing with all this, however, is simply fuelling hatred. He's not the victim but the perpetrator. Columnist Mehmet Y. I would like to point to the contradiction when a government that is the closest friend of Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir, who is wanted by the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity, describes a silly satire programme as a 'crime against humanity'.

Back then she maintained that the freedom of the press and opinion were key European values and that Charlie Hebdo had the right to offend the most holy sentiments of Muslims and Christians because that was what made Europe what it is. The grammatical gender for "Gott" is male until it's changed to neuter, but that's another story , and the gender of "Wesen" is neuter. As you can see the resulting sentence is full of grammatical errors. Now suppose you're not working on a text, but with a tape of an hour long speech.

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Of course it would have been easier to ask the speaker to read the whole text again. But that would have taken at least an hour, and the speaker refuses to spend any more of his precious time on this than absolutely necessary. Now you're in the situation of the titular Doktor Murke, who works in a broadcasting company. The way in which he deals with this problem is rather ingenious and deeply funny to read.

There is actually much more to this satiric story than outlined above. But it's an important part, I think, to get the meaning. There are editions here on Goodreads with translations of this book into these languages: English, Estonian, Finnish, Italian, Spanish, and Swedish. I don't know about the other languages, but I figure the "Gott" vs "Wesen" part of the story is hardly translatable into English without loosing much its humor.

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So if you decide to read this story, try the original German. I think it's worth it. Sign into Goodreads to see if any of your friends have read Doktor Murkes gesammeltes Schweigen.

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Oct 07, PM. A welcome refresher! Thank you Warwick. Writing down all this made me realize once more how complicated German must seem for non native speakers. I think this lurks somewhere on the groaning shelves in my study. Will have to check. But Herbstferien mean that I am odd km away from my study. And no video surveillance installed either.

I should get this and treat it as my alternative German Grammar book. Matt wrote: "Thank you Warwick. At least with Swiss German there are fewer cases no genitive, and nominative-accusative are merged too in many dialects. Oct 08, AM. Warwick wrote: "At least with Swiss German there are fewer cases no genitive, and nominative-accusative are merged too in many dialects. In fact sometimes you're laughed at when you're using the correct form. I'm afraid this book won't answer any more questions than the one above. I have that book but have not read it yet.

Warwick: Scroll to the end of the above article. It shows the book cover from Switzerland :.

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  • This guy seems like the kind of prescriptivist that I cannot stand, but I'll still probably pick it up out of morbid fascination. Aug 21, AM. On 28 October the Federal Court of Justice dismissed an appeal by the applicant against the refusal of leave to appeal on points of law.

    Böhmermann vs. Erdoğan: What are the limits of satire?

    The applicant complained that the injunction violated its journalistic freedom as part of the right to freedom of expression. The relevant parts provide:. Everyone has the right to freedom of expression. This right shall include freedom to hold opinions and to receive and impart information and ideas without interference by public authority The exercise of these freedoms, since it carries with it duties and responsibilities, may be subject to such formalities, conditions, restrictions or penalties as are prescribed by law and are necessary in a democratic society The applicant argued that the injunction had been disproportionate, since the manipulation of photographs was an inherent feature of any satirical illustration or photomontage.

    Consequently, justified alterations should not be limited to technically necessary manipulations or those that were clearly recognisable. It further notes that it was aimed at the protection of the reputation and rights of others. France [GC], no. Germany [GC], no. Germany no. The Court has, in particular, identified the following relevant criteria in the context of balancing the competing rights: contribution to a debate of public interest, the degree of notoriety of the person affected, the subject of the news report, the prior conduct of the person concerned, the content, form and consequences of the publication and, where appropriate, the circumstances in which the photographs were taken.

    Turning to the facts of the present case, the Court observes that the photomontage was embedded in an article regarding the management style of Dr Sommer and the consequences for German Telecom.

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    Regarding the degree of notoriety of the person concerned in the publication, the Court has previously stated that it is, in principle, primarily for the domestic courts to assess how well known a person is, especially where he is mainly known at national level see Axel Springer AG v. Austria no. The Court further observes, regarding the subject of the news report, that the article in issue concerned the professional conduct of Dr Sommer and that the photograph used showed merely his head, but did not reveal any private details as such.

    Furthermore, the original photograph was already in existence and had been retrieved from the image database of the Associated Press. In this context, the Court also notes that Dr Sommer did not complain to the national courts about the publication of his photograph as such, only about its manipulation.

    Nienhaus Rechtsanwälte

    As far as the content and form of the publication are concerned, the Court notes that this criterion is, in the present case, closely connected to the veracity of the information and therefore both criteria have to be assessed together. The Court observes that the photomontage in issue conveyed the message of the article in a satirical way. Based on the conclusion that the depiction of the person in the illustration had had no separate satirical value but appeared to replicate reality, the Court of Appeal established that the manipulation was a false representation of Dr Sommer. It further considered this untrue, unfavourable and disadvantageous depiction noticeable but not technically necessary.

    Therefore, the Court considers the conclusion that the photomontage had reached a sufficient level of seriousness to constitute a violation of the right to protection of reputation not unreasonable see, mutatis mutandis , Von Hannover v. Regarding, lastly, the severity of the sanctions imposed on the applicant, the Court considers that, although every sanction is capable of having a chilling effect on an applicant, in the present case the sanctions imposed were lenient, as the national courts only ordered the applicant to refrain from any further publication.

    Norway , no. In these circumstances and having regard to the margin of appreciation enjoyed by the national courts when balancing competing interests, the Court concludes that there are no strong reasons to substitute its view for that of the domestic courts, and that the latter have not failed to comply with their obligations under Article 10 of the Convention.