The Philosophy of Misery

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Proudhon begins his discussion of economics with an explanation of his theory concerning God, the human soul, society, and the possibility for social progress.

Having established the possibility of progress, he goes on to suggest a new system for organizing economies and societies. In this groundbreaking work, Proudhon lays out his own plan for reforming economics to better achieve the goals of mankind: freedom and happiness.

His system, eventually called "mutualism" proposes that through radical free markets, goods will be valued based on the amount of work that they embody - and that without interference from governments or taxation, laborers will exchange goods of equal labor values, thus eliminating the exploitation of workers by those who physically produce nothing.

He believed that the only property man could own was whatever he made himself, and argued against the communist concept of mass ownership. His most famous writings include What Is Property?

System of Economical Contradictions; or, the Philosophy of Misery

Passar bra ihop. Pierre-Joseph Proudhon.

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In his discussion with philosophers such as Heidegger, Derrida, Lyotard, Agamben, Foucault, Ricoeur, and Badiou, Van der Heiden also provides an overview of how the problem of testimony emerges in a number of thinkers pivotal to twentieth- and twenty-first-century thought. Van der Heiden has presented an argument that is poised to challenge discourse in analytic philosophy, reshape approaches in continental philosophy, and give new orientation to interdisciplinary research in continental philosophy and literary theory.

The System of Economic Contradictions | The Anarchist Library

The book will find a large readership across the discipline of philosophy and in several areas of the humanities. No table of contents available for this publication. You Have 0 Item s In Cart.

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The Philosophy of Misery