Rescapé du camp 14 (HORS COLLECTION) (French Edition)

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Expedition against Staten Island—More might have been accomplished—Brigade should be spared. To General Cadwalader, August 28th. Howe on his march towards Philadelphia—The Maryland militia—Knows of no one else to take up the matter. To the President of Congress, August 30th. To the President of Congress, September 1st. To Governor Livingston, September 1st. To the President of Congress, September 3d. To Major-General Heath, September 7th. To the President of Congress, September 9th.

To the President of Congress, September 11th.

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To the President of Congress, September 13th. To the President of Congress, September 15th. Inexpedient to recall Sullivan—Great need of general officers—Position of the two armies—Want of blankets—Removal of provisions from the city. To the President of Congress, September 19th. Power of appointment conferred—The Schuylkill repassed—Movements of the army.

Distress of the army for clothing and blankets—Directed to levy contributions in Philadelphia—Horses. To the President of Congress, September 23d. To Major-General Putnam, September 23d.

Rescapé du Camp 14 - présentation de Pierre Rigoulot

To Major-General Gates, September 24th. To Lord Stirling, September 25th. To John Parke Custis, September 28th. Renting dower lands in King William—Rule for determining rental—Land and belongings to be appraised—Rent to have some relative value to land and slaves. To the President of Congress, October 3d.

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Intelligence from the northern army—Capture of the frigate Delaware. To the President of Congress, October 5th. Attack upon British—Disposition of the brigades—Details of the contest—Fog cut off the advantage gained—Almost a victory—Losses. To Sir William Howe, October 6th. To the President of Congress, October 7th. Losses in the engagement greater than was supposed—The retreat ordered in the face of a victory—Army to encamp and await reinforcements—The defences on the Delaware—Desertion of crews—Deficiency of general officers and consequences—General McDougall commended—Intelligence.

Manual Rescapé du camp 14 (HORS COLLECTION) (French Edition)

To Colonel Christopher Greene, October 7th. To Governor Livingston, October 8th.

To Brigadier-General Potter, October 9th. Attack on the fort at Red Bank—Suggestions for strengthening the works. To Governor George Clinton, October 15th. To the President of Congress, October 16th. To Thomas Wharton, October 17th. Necessity for replacing troops whose time of service has expired—Pennsylvania must defend Philadelphia—Small assistance thus far given—Importance of maintaining the Continental battalions—Drafting. To Richard Henry Lee, October 17th. Baron de Kalb—Rumored promotion of Conway—The man characterized—Probable consequences should the promotion be made—Large number of resignations—A slave to the service—Wants of the militia.

To John Augustine Washington, October 18th. To Major-General Putnam, October 19th. To John Hancock, October 22d. To Major-General Sullivan, October 24th.

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Replying to queries—Conflicting intelligence the cause of the misfortune on the 11th—Protection of the fords—His general conduct. To the President of Congress, October 24th. To Brigadier-General Forman, October 25th. To the Colonels of Horse, October 25th. Abuses in the impressment of horses—Must be checked by branding horses. To Major-General Putnam, October 25th. To Landon Carter, October 27th. To go to General Gates—Urgency of his sending reinforcements—Possible intentions of Gates to be considered—Putnam to send on troops, if Clinton has fallen back. To Major-General Gates, October 30th.

Congratulations on his success—Hamilton to inform him of the situation near Philadelphia. To the President of Congress, November 1st. To Brigadier-General Varnum, November 1st. To Governor Livingston, November 1st. Conduct of Brigadier-General Newcomb—Questions his fitness to command—Evils of hiring substitutes for the militia—The matter of clothing. To Sir William Howe, November 4th. To Jeremiah Powell, November 5th. To General Thomas Nelson, November 8th. To Colonel Theodorick Bland, November 8th. To Brigadier-General Conway, November 9th.

To Henry Laurens, November 10th. Congratulations—Securing the frigates—Disposition of the northern army—Adjustment of rank—Engineers—Kosciuszko—Want of money. To the President of Congress, November 11th. Clothing and blankets—Congress should address the States on the subject—An immediate assessment recommended—Fortifications on the North River—The question of rations.

To Brigadier-General Varnum, November 12th. Cannot assist the fort—Cannon and stores should be removed—Works to be destroyed. To Major-General Heath, November 13th. Not expedient to hasten departure of convention troops—Must not be permitted to embark save from Boston. To Governor Henry, November 13th. To Sir William Howe, November 14th.

Exchange of prisoners—Mr. Boudinot—Ironing of prisoners—Shocking treatment of American prisoners—Maltreatment and confinement of officers. To John Parke Custis, November 14th. To Alexander Hamilton, November 15th. To Brigadier-General Conway, November 16th. Congress alone can accept his resignation—He will not object to it. To St.


Clair, DeKalb, and Knox, November 17th. To the President of Congress, November 17th. Evacuation of Fort Mifflin—Condition of the works—Efforts to give relief—Only method was by dislodging enemy from Province Island—Difficulties to such an attempt—Reasons against moving the whole army to the west side of Schuylkill—Decided to await reinforcements—Position examined and report—Reflections against the army—The problem of clothing the troops.

To Richard Henry Lee, November 18th. To Major-General Putnam, November 19th. Urgent need for reinforcements—Orders in future to be complied with. To the Militia of New Jersey, November 20th.