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The nice thing about their street was that the neighbors seemed as familiar and as friendly as the houses. In fact, the neighbors were more like family than friends. Just about everyone in the neighborhood had helped campaign for the redistricting plan that Shannon Gordon had proposed. He swung his bike around and started to push off.

Anthony looked back and waved to his friend. When she saw the front page her mouth dropped wide open. Staring back at her from page one was a picture of David Russell with a big grin plastered all over his face. David Russell looked just as cocky and conceited as ever.


He posed as though he had just been elected mayor of the city. Naimah refolded the paper and closed the door. When the family finally sat down to breakfast, Naimah noticed that her mother had not eaten a bite. Gordon was trying to be supportive. Gordon smiled and winked at Naimah.

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But it was times like this that Naimah loved her stepfather just as much as she loved her own dad, who had died when she was three years old. He was like a pilot diving to bomb an enemy target. Gordon jumped in. Gordon sighed. Gordon said angrily. Gordon said. This city might lose over half of the African American members of the city council. Gordon tapped her index finger on the newspaper dishearteningly.

The only way to fight someone like David Russell is to use the same ammunition he uses. At least a million. There was a firmness in her voice this time, along with that look that could stop a steam engine.

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Monday morning, your dad and I will meet with other concerned people so that we can decide what to do. I have no intentions of fighting David Russell on his level. Is that clear? Gordon looked around the table. But it was only with reluctance that his sister relented. She could hardly wait to meet with Anthony, Elizabeth, Eddie, and Tayesha.

She knew she could always count on them. Delaney: I worked with Eddie on his geometry today, and I gave him some extra-credit work to do. He seems to understand the problems a little better now,and needs to bring an isosceles triangle to class tomorrow. His behavior has also improved,except for his tendency to doodle on his desk. Delaney frowned. The Delaneys had just finished eating dinner. Instead, he continued to scrape his spoon around the empty dessert dish.

The noise had finally begun to irritate his mother.

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He looked from the letter to his son and back to the letter again. Doodling on your desk is not what your mother and I send you to school for. Here it comes, he thought. I was ambitious. I wanted to be somebody.

And I studied hard so I could make my parents proud. He was sorry now that he had been so stupid. Why did he write all over his school desk? And why did he get caught? Eddie sighed quietly. Delaney softly. Then he poured himself a glass of milk and drank it all down in several gulps. Martin Luther King, Jr. He preferred it that way. His sister Daisey was named after Daisey Bates, who was also a civil rights leader. How could anyone measure up to her? Delaney looked at his watch. Your mother made it. He stuffed another bite of bread into his mouth. The next question is—are you going to make your meeting?

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And I played hard, too. Delaney interrupted. Delaney said. Then he turned to face Eddie. Delaney walked out of the door. Eddie remained in his chair at the table until he heard the car pull out of the driveway. He glanced quickly at the clock on the wall. It was a regular routine. Every night, after he finished his homework, Anthony got everything ready for the next day.

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Anthony had had the same newspaper route for three years. And in those three years he had never missed a delivery day. He came in from the garage and walked into the kitchen. He was amazed at how his mother was able to work, come home every night and cook, and still help him with his homework. Pat Young worked for the Daily World, where she had started six years ago as a typist. Now she was a manager for the classified ads department.

Anthony was proud of his mother. She had come a long way on very little. But, sometimes he found himself wishing there was a man in their lives. Anthony admired Mr. Delaney so much that he dreamed of becoming a lawyer one day just like him. Anthony felt he was the man of the house.

It was up to him, he thought, to look after his mother. But actually, Patricia Young was capable of taking care of herself and Anthony. And she had proved it. Young asked her son. The voters from the suburban wards are new to our ways and needs.

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But who knows? Anything can happen in politics. No one answered. She knocked again. Come on in. Butler shook her head.