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On February 15, , the tricolor was adopted as the official flag of France. What does it mean? History of the Flag France is an ancient place, and the flag of France has taken different forms over the years. Read more cool facts about France Explore European geography. From the Blog!

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  • 5 Magical Songs for Teaching French to Preschoolers?
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Learn more. Read more interesting facts on France and Europe here.

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We will add more information in the near future. Russia Facts for Kids to learn all about Russia: the geography, people, animals, food, world cup and more. Read More. By sending in the Request a Correction-Form you can alert us about any incorrect or inaccurate content encountered on this site. Thank you for your help! Our Fun Food Facts for Kids will tell you interesting food facts from around the world with food records, traditional food and typical dishes.

5 Magical Songs for Teaching French to Preschoolers

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Mont St Michel. Click here for more attractions and landmarks in France. Eiffel Tower by Gustave Eiffel. Sculpture by Auguste Rodin.

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Baguette - French Bread. A French Bakery. Encore is commonly used because it has become a bit of a symbol in the musical industry and everyone uses it. It is such a common word that one way or another people use it. Find your course Read more.

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Nature, culture, sport and leisure, we have put together an unforgettable Summer Tour de France! From Lille to Marseille, we have composed for you the perfect Summer Trip to discover all about France's best spots.

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Let's dive in our French Summer Programme! The movie tells the story of Theo, a baby who was given up at birth. We follow Theo's life as he's put into the foster care system and they search for him to be adopted, as well as that of a potential adopted parent in single woman Alice Elodie Bouchez. Theo is looked after by father Jean Gilles Lelouche and case worker Karine Sandriner Kiberlain as they realize there may be something wrong [ This movie is an adaptation of Marguerite Duras' semi-autobiographical novel La Douleur.

It looks at Duras Melanie Thierry as she searches desperately for information on her husband after he was arrested by the Nazis in