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Phelps, Carew second donation 10 10 Rev J. An experimentally modified Crookes tube, utilized by Perrin, is illustrated in Fig. A metal cylinder, referred to as a Faraday cylinder and labeled A, B, C, and D, within an evacuated glass tube served as an electrode connected by wire at S to an electroscope, which would measure the magnitude of electric charge collected.

This outer cylinder was permanently connected to the earth sol to protect the Faraday cylinder from external electrical influence. Glass tube utilized by Jean Perrin to characterize cathode rays. The dashed lines with arrows are not in the original paper of Perrin. These were inserted by the writer. However, when the entire vacuum tube was placed between the poles of an electromagnet, the Faraday cylinder would not become charged.

This was due to the magnetic field deflecting the cathode rays away from the Faraday cylinder, illustrated by the curved dashed line with arrow directed toward the glass wall of the vacuum tube. Perrin concluded that the cathode rays consisted of negative electricity, because the Faraday cylinder would become negatively charged only when the cathode rays entered the cylinder. The deflection of the cathode rays with the magnetic field offered evidence that the cathode rays consisted of charged matter rather than light phenomenon.

He noted the following:. By means of a magnet this action [collection of negative charge by the Faraday cylinder] could be entirely suppressed. These results as a whole do not appear capable of being easily reconciled with the theory which regards the kathode rays as an ultra-violet light. On the other hand, they agree well with the theory which regards them as a material radiation, and which, as it appears to me, might be thus enunciated.

See the biographical sketch of J. The work for which Jean Perrin is most remembered is his work with aqueous emulsions of gamboge particles, which are emulsions of particles isolated from vegetable sap. Perrin was able to isolate microscopic gamboge particles of uniform size in aqueous solutions; and with these, take measurements of the Brownian movements of these particles through the microscope lens. Brownian movement, which is the continuous tortuous paths and movements taken by microscopic particles suspended in liquids, was interpreted theoretically and mathematically by Einstein in as the result of the effects of atoms and molecules of the solvent, which are in constant movement or agitation.

By preparing spherical emulsions of constant and measureable radius, Perrin was able to confirm Einstein's formulas for particle displacement translational movement and rotation, as the particle in the emulsion will rotate about its axis when it is displaced in the solution by collision with a molecule or atom of the solvent. In his Nobel lecture, Perrin explained:. In several series of measurements I varied, with the aid of several collaborators, the size of the grains [grains of emulsion] in the ratio of 1 to 70, as well as the nature of the liquid water, solutions of sugar or urea, glycerol and its viscosity in the ratio of 1 to This agreement is such that it is impossible to doubt the correctness of the kinetic theory of the translational Brownian movement…Einstein's theory does not introduce simplifying approximations and, like the measurement of height distribution, lends itself to a precise determination of Avogadro's number.

Avogadro's number is known today to be a constant having the value of 6. A mole of substance is the weight of that substance in grams equivalent to its atomic or molecular weight. For example, a mole of pure hydrogen atoms weighs 1. The constant number of 6. This institute was founded to provide careers in scientific research outside of the universities. This national research center now encompasses several research institutes in the fields of physics, chemistry, biological science, engineering, ecology, and environmental science; the humanities and social sciences; and the information and technological sciences.

He died in the United States on April 17, After the war, his remains were returned to France in on the French battleship Jeanne d'Arc. Ram Tewari, in Environmental Solutions , Nutrients, including phosphorus and nitrogen compounds that can stimulate algae growth in receiving waters. For example, in Florida's fragile Everglade's ecosystem, phosphorus is a pollutant of concern and the South Florida Water Management District SFWMD is planning and implementing source controls, treatment facilities, and regional programs to reduce phosphorus loads.

Taste and odor compounds that are commonly produced in drinking water reservoirs by blue-green algae. Total organic carbon TOC , including live algae and decaying plant and algal material that can lead to the production of suspected carcinogens.

Brownian Movement

Total dissolved solids, or salinity that can lead to unpalatable mineral tastes, higher water treatment costs, and physiological effects in consumers. Suspended solids and turbidity from runoff that can reduce the efficiency of water treatment plants. Pathogens from human contact, livestock, wildlife, urban runoff, septic systems, and wastewater discharges. Coagulation process: destabilization, mixing, and flocculation: Suspended particles in the colloid range are too small to settle in a reasonable time period and too small to be trapped in the pores of the filter, and have to be treated for removal.

Particulate suspensions commonly removed with coagulation process are: clay and silt-based turbidity, natural organic matter, and other associated constituents, such as microbial contaminants bacteria , iron and manganese, color dissolved—true and colloidal-apparent , synthetic organic chemicals, toxic metals, etc. For colloids to remain stable they must remain small the larger the surface charge, the more stable suspension , in a state of hydration—chemical combination with water, and possess surface electric charge.

Most colloids are stable because they possess a negative charge that repels other colloidal particles before they collide with one another. The colloids are continually involved in Brownian movement , which is merely a random movement. Since colloids are stable because of their surface charge, in order to stabilize the particles, charge has to be neutralized.

The purpose of coagulation is to alter the colloids so that they can adhere to each other.

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During coagulation a positive ion is added to water to reduce the surface charge to the point where the colloids are not repelled from each other. The coagulation process is completed in three sequential steps: coagulant formation, particle destabilization, and particle aggregation. While selecting a coagulant, three key properties are to be considered: it should be insoluble in the neutral pH range, nontoxic, and a trivalent cation. Most common coagulants are aluminum and ferric salts.

Organic polymers synthetic coagulants—polyelectrolytes have also been found to be cost-effective in a narrow range of turbidity. To assist in the coagulation—flocculation process, certain additives and coagulant aids have been successfully used. The additives are weighting agents, adsorbents, oxidants, and so on. Four basic types of coagulants aids interparticle bridgers are: pH adjusters, activated silica, clay, and polymers anionic, cationic, non-ionic, or polyamphotype. To sustain growth and future developments adequate water supply has to be provided.

Planning for management of water resources, to bridge the demand—supply gap, and to ensure an adequate reliable, safe long-term supply for multiple uses, protection by using natural systems of the quality of runoff that fills the reservoirs and recharges the groundwater basins, water conservation, reclamation, underground water lower grade storage, and change in our lifestyles change in mindset , and other sensitive steps and practices have to be initiated. Remember thinking and creativity are the most important human resource. Because of the explosion in technology, globalization and rapid growth, environmental challenges and quality of life issues will always remain with us.

Some examples are a rain garden for storm water management.