Anthology: Realistic Fiction from Cicada

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Art from the Bordertown anthology by Steve Stone. You can download the MP3 for this episode here , subscribe to The Geek's Guide to the Galaxy podcast feed here , and browse other episodes here. Topics covered: The origins of Bordertown, the impact of Bordertown, dealing with our quickly changing world, keeping the details consistent, poetry and music, fan participation, collaboration, writing LGBT characters, changes in the fantasy field, audio projects, funding public radio, the Interstitial Arts foundation.

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Topics covered: People who "don't read that stuff," similar prejudices, English professors, Game of Thrones vs. John Joseph Adams is an anthologist, a writer, and a geek.

Cicada Spring

He is also the editor of Lightspeed Magazine and Fantasy Magazine. Find him on Twitter johnjosephadams.

Will justice prevail or will the guilty party walk away, leaving Kara to pick up the pieces of her life? Cicada Spring is an impressive debut novel by Christian Galacar.

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From page one, you will not be able to put it down, I guarantee you of that. It is fast and full of exiting action.

Twists and turns like no other and the expert handling of a real human interest subject show that Mr. Galacar has set the wheels in motion for a runaway novel. I expect this book to explode onto the scene and receive the accolades it richly deserves. The insight into the mind of a rape victim is deep and will affect any reader. This is a fantastic novel, with strong characters and a strong plot, and I really hope that it signals the beginning of a strong career for Christian Galacar.

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I look forward to seeing more from this promising author. Kindle Book Giveaway! School, Library or Charity?

Free books for your school, library or charity. Become a Reviewer Share your opinions to help authors and readers. Share this review. Cicada Spring A Novel. Fiction - Suspense.

Realistic Fiction from Cicada